Friday 15 October 2010

How to leak information at Barnet Council and not get caught

I have seen some quite amusing emails recently, some of which have come from rather lofty places in Barnet Council. The likes of Lynne Hillan quite clearly think we are all stupid and will publish anything that "looks like a leak". Messages such as "please make sure this is not leaked to bloggers" appears, along with other information which would make it rather clear who is the leaker. Of course we are wise to such tricks here and have comparison software, which allows us to filter out such blatent attempts to catch people out.  Of course, whilst it is amusing, email tittle tattle is not really what we are interested in. We are far more interested in the documents which show projects such as Future shape are a mess. The ones they won't show us.

If you want to lek any information, make sure that there is no audit trail back to you. Make sure that  other people have access to it. Make sure that you don't email me via a Barnet Council Computer. If possible get someone else to send me their copy as well, so I can compare for "markers".

We don't want personal information about individuals, just proof of systemic failure (and we're evaluating and verifying a fair bit of that right now).