Sunday 14 December 2008

A Question about BT Vital Vison program

As far as I can see the Barnet Future Shape scheme was spawned in BT Vital Vision workshops. Both the Council Leader and CEO of Barnet Council are signed up members of this program. Membership of the scheme is by invitation only. As the leader of Barnet Council had been in the job for less than a year when he was invited, why was he flagged up for membership? Why would BT decide he was worth an investment of tens of thousands of pounds when he had no track record? Do they have a "type of person" they are looking for?

Saturday 13 December 2008

BT and Barnet - Shaping the future together

Barnet are pleased to be renting Max Wide, a BT director. Click HERE to see what Barnet have to say about the deal.

Barnet Taxpayers pay to promote BT

It seems that Barnet Council Taxpayers are subsidising the Marketing efforts of a private Company - BT. Check this link for details click HERE

It seems that we pay the wages of Leo Boland and Max Wide. They in return promote the services of BT.

Welcome to the Barnet Future Shape blog

Welcome to the Barnet Future Shape blog. We'll be posting various blogs on here detailing the progress of the Barnet Future Shape project. Stay tuned for further installments